Winter Recital 2021

A Whole New World

  • Rescheduled for January/February 2021

  • Location TBD
  • Time TBD
  • Tickets

Presale Price TBD (Children under 3 free) At Door Price TBD

Tickets go in sale TBD

Presale ends TBD

  • Ticket Sale Locations:

Boscutti Ballet Theatre: 1100 West Ocean Avenue

Sugar Plum's Tutus & Sweets: 111 1/2 N H Street

Recital Requirements & Fees

Recital Participation Requirements

  • All Students must complete the recital permission form at the time of registration

  • ​Participation fee per dancer of $TBD (nonrefundable) is due at registration

  • Acting Cast Participation Fee $TBD per student

  • ​Any Personal items required for recital must be purchased by the dancer. Such as undergarments, tights, dance shorts, dance shoes, makeup, rhinestone earrings, and hair fundamentals, like hair ties, bobby pins, hairnets, hair spray, etc. 

  • ​Some classes may require additional costume purchases that are not covered with the recital fee. Any Items that students need to purchase will be kept by the student after the recital. Costumes borrowed from BBT that are not purchased by students will go back into the wardrobe after the recital. Please see your teacher for more information, as additional purchases are up to each individual teacher. Fundraising opportunities are always available for additional costume items needed.

  • ​Families need to purchase their own recital tickets, children under 3 do not require a ticket purchase.

  • ​Recital T-shirts are optional and will be handed out on the day of the recital, $30 each. T-shirt forms must be completed at registration. Nonrefundable  

Dress Rehearsal Information

  • Acting Cast Only Mandatory Prop Rehearsal:

  • Mandatory Dress Rehearsal for Beginning and Intermediate Classes Only:

  • Mandatory Dress Rehearsal for Advanced Classes and Acting Cast Only:


About Our Recital

More Information on our adaptation coming soon!
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