Welcome to BBT! 

BBT was founded in 2002 by Annie & Tom Boscutti who have been involved in live stage productions since they met each other in 1983. Annie is a graduate of Santa Barbara City College where she studied music, theater, dance, business, and fine arts. Tom has been a successful businessman for over 30 years. His knowledge includes studies in film and studio recording in Santa Barbara and Hollywood, California. Annie and Tom established BBT to provide a venue for the development of artistic expression, creativity, and talent in the Lompoc Valley. At BBT we believe in offering an open-minded approach to the art of performing, where we emphasize a mentor-protege atmosphere for everyone.

Currently, BBT is directed by Annie & Catrina Boscutti. 


Boscutti Ballet Theatre offers age-appropriate classes for ages 2-Adult in a non-competitive environment. Year-round performances include recital, Santa Barbara County Fair, Santa Barbara Old Spanish Days Fiesta, and more!

We would love the opportunity to introduce the world of dance to your child in a loving, nurturing atmosphere. We hope you become part of our dance family and enjoy performing with Boscutti Ballet Theatre!



Our floor

Harlequin Liberty® is the ultimate sprung floor floating system used by top touring companies around the world. Liberty panels are manufactured from engineered boards with dual density elastomer blocks on the underside to give uniform and consistent shock damping. The panels are laid in a brickwork fashion onto the sub-floor so that cross-joins do not coincide. They are linked to each other by a hardwood dowel.

Harlequin Studio™ is produced from particularly hardwearing vinyl and its formulation focuses on the demands of dancers. The result is a slip-resistant floor that offers dancers added confidence for demanding choreography and movement.

Our mirrors

Alvas Glassless Dance Mirror Panels

are shatterproof, lightweight, and are made portable with rolling frames They have a brighter, sharper reflection than plate glass, with no ghost images. It is made of the same super reflective, metalized plastic film material used in the Hubble Space Telescope. *IT IS IMPORTANT THAT STUDENTS DO NOT TOUCH MIRRORS. 

Sound System

Superior sound by JBL and Crown Audio

Instructional Aids

Tools our instructors use include placement markers, stuffed animals, worksheets, coloring sheets, stickers, whiteboard, microphones, stretch and strengthening equipment like stretch bands, stretch boards, ab rollers, dumbells, and exercise mats.