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Class Schedule 2022-2023


*4:00-4:45pm Flamenco 1 (Ages 6-9) Instructor Morgan Hughes

*4:45-5:30pm Flamenco 2 (Ages 9+) Instructor Morgan Hughes

*5:30-6:30pm Flamenco 3 (Ages 12+) Instructor Morgan Hughes (Approval Needed)

*6:30-7:30 pm Pom Dance (Ages 9+) 2 years technique preferred Instructors Kira Gonzalez & Kendall Lopez


*4:30-5:15pm Main Street Dancers (Ages 7+ Disneyland Parade rehearsals) *New Class requires additional fees. Please also fill out the Main Street Dancers Registration Form here

Instructor Catrina Boscutti

*5:15-6:00pm Hip Hop & Jazz Combo 2 (Ages 7-10) Instructor Catrina Boscutti

*6:00-6:45pm Tween Contemporary & Choreography (Ages 9-13) Instructor Catrina Boscutti

*6:45-7:30pm Jazz Technique (Ages 8+) (Conditioning, Turns, Jumps) Instructor Riley Bell


*4:00-5:15pm Company Rehearsals

*5:15-6:00pm Jazz 3 (Ages 8+) Instructor Lauren Gaspar


*4:00-4:45pm Minis Tap (Ages 3-6) Instructor Riley Bell

*4:45-5:30pm Beginning/Intermediate Tap 1 (Ages 6-10) Instructor Riley Bell

*5:30-6:15pm Intermediate/Advanced Tap 2 (Ages 11-Adult) Instructor Riley Bell

*6:15-7:00pm Adult Jazz (Ages 13+) Instructor Riley Bell


4:30-6:00pm Company Rehearsals



*9:00-10:00am Vocal Instruction (All Ages) Instructor Morgan Hurd

*10:00-10:45am Ballet 1 (Ages 7-10) Instructor Annie Boscutti

*10:45-11:30am Creative Ballet/Flamenco (Ages 3-6) Instructor Annie Boscutti

*11:30-12:15pm Abs, Strengthening, & Stretch (Ages 7-Adult) Instructor Annie Boscutti

​*12:15-1:00pm Hip Hop & Jazz Combo 1 (Ages 4-6) Instructor Catrina Boscutti

​*1:00-2:00pm Ballet 2 (Ages 11+) Instructor Annie Boscutti

​*2:00-3:00pm Company Acting (Ages 9+) Instructors Annie Boscutti & Sienna Gildea

Tuition fees are $60 per class (No Pro-rated Tuition)

Recital fee $75 per student (Non-Refundable)

Registration fee annual $25 per family

Costume fees vary and will be available online

Register for classes and pay online at

Classes begin on February 13th-May 28th 2023

Holidays: April 10th-April 15th

Registration closes March 4th

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