Costume Fees

BBT will not provide costumes to borrow from our costume inventory this year. All costumes will be purchased new by our students, and students will keep their costumes after the recital and must keep them in good condition for various performances throughout the academic year. Costume pricing will vary for each class. We will be working with our dance store, Sugar Plum's Boutique, to provide recital packages that include necessities like tights, accessories, and undergarments to create affordable recital necessity packages for our dance families. BBT will be performing one recital a year. We will use the same costumes for each class at various local performances throughout the year, including summer performances at Old Spanish Days Fiesta. Students will need to purchase a new costume for each class they are registered in. 60% of the total costume cost is due upfront, and 40% of the costume costs will be due at pick-up. Most costumes will be available for students to pick up at Sugar Plum's Boutique once they have arrived. Costume fittings will be done by parents closer to the recital date and ordered by BBT closer to the recital date to allow for a more accurate fit. Parents can request a larger sized costume for their child to allow room for growth but must do any costume alterations on their own.   

Recital Fee

Each student participating in our recital is required to pay a non-refundable recital fee of $55. The recital fee helps BBT with venue insurance, venue rental, equipment rental, venue cleaning fees, and helps keep the cost of recital costumes and recital tickets as low as possible. Along with the recital fee, students/parents/guardians acknowledge our recital policies. They are making a commitment to their teachers and fellow students that they will commit to learning and performing with their classmates on stage. 

Registration Fee

Registration fees are per family per year and are an annual required fee unless otherwise stated. Registration fees help keep the cost of tuition as low as possible throughout the academic year. This term's registration fee is $25 per family. 


$50 per month/ 1 class per week. We offer a 10% discount for added classes.


At this time, BBT cannot offer scholarships to students. We are working together with Valley Dance and Arts Alliance to create new fundraisers that will allow BBT students to apply for scholarships in the future. Once they are available from VDAA, scholarships are open to all BBT students of all ages. Students will be required to complete an application that includes an essay. More information about scholarships will be available when applications are available. Applications are not being accepted at this time. 

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